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Taihe Fashion Group.

Adhering to the concept of luxury production manufacturing and technology, Taihe Group adapts standardized international management and production processes. To extend the concept of high quality of living, we established our own independent design brand "MORDORF". The brand's founder and creative director is a BA + MA graduate from London's prestigious Central Saint Martins. Basing on 3D cutting and sewing technology and 14 years of experience of luxury brand manufacturing technical process, MORDORF offers independent women, clothing that encompasses comfort with style.

Our Factory

Taihe Fashion Group is located in Xintang town of Guangzhou in China. A district most well known as a manufacturing base of denim products in the nation. It is also known as one of the most developed and open area to the world, making us a central choice for transportation, travel, import/export, communication, etc. The most developed supply chain in Xintang includes fabric, washing, accessories, skilled operators, etc. all denim related.


The supply chain supports us with a more competitive edge international: short lead time, cost effective, and quality of complicated processes.
Our production space which is located in Xintang Town,has an experienced staff of 200 members, with 70 members on the management team.