Our Certificate

No Discrimination

No discrimination on the basis of race, social status, nationality, religion, age, disability, gender, martial status, sexual orientation, affiliated union and political party in terms of employment, remuneration, training, promotion, dismissal or retirement.

Fair Remuneration

TAIHE always provided with written, easy-to-understand information on the employment conditions, wages, and details of the salary during the current salary period. The wages paid for each standard work week at least meet the national statutory standards. In any case, the wages paid should always be sufficient to meet the basic needs.

Employment Policy

The employment is based on the official employment relationship in accordance with national laws and practices.
No child labour
No bonded labour
Provide jobs for disabled people
First aid training is provided to employees with 1 person assigned for each 10 people
Drinkable water, toilet, resting area, food and beverage consuming areas are available
There is a freedom to leave the job presenting reasonable causes

Decent Working Hours

Working hours must comply with national laws
All overtime must be voluntary
Weekly leave is at least 1 day

Environment Management

TAIHE has taken necessary precaution with the purpose of preventing environmental pollution and waste:
Chemical are used at least and in accordance with the related standards and properly
No animal fur will be used on the products
​Waste matters are separately stored and delivered


SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit)+BSCI