Washing and maintenance of jeans

Let me introduce you to 10 washing and maintenance of jeans, I hope to help you

1. It is best to add a spoonful of table salt in cold water for the first washing.

2. Everyone must have an impression: the jeans must be hard when they are washed and dried and then taken out. In addition to the reason why you use detergent, there is also a layer of glue on the denim cloth. Therefore, try not to use machine washing or dry cleaning when cleaning for the first time.

3. Turn the trousers to the reverse side when washing, and do not mix with light-colored clothes. Please use neutral detergent (do not use bleach or any product containing bleach or fluorescent agent), and the soaking time should not be too long Long, wash with cold water.

4. Please don't soak your pants in hot water, it will shrink to a large extent, and the water temperature should be kept below 30℃; if conditions permit, please do not wash the jeans with a washing machine, otherwise the wrinkle of the jeans will be damaged.

5. If the jeans are not greasy or dirty, reduce the amount of washing powder as much as possible, or even wash them with water.

6. The holes (small) and cracks in the pants should be handled by professionals immediately, otherwise they will become bigger and bigger. Removal of stains should be based on the opposite and the right: if the surface is processed directly, the stain will penetrate into the inner layer. The correct one is to use a dry towel to fold in three folds to cover the stain, and then reverse the process to transfer the stain to the towel.

7. One of the keys to whether stains can be removed is time, which is handled quickly (generally no more than 3-12 hours). Remember that professional matters are handled by professional people. Blindly removing stains yourself will cause permanent damage to the clothes.

8. Machine wash jeans: choose standard wash. The jeans should be washed separately for dark and light clothes, and washed inside and outside. The zipper is pulled (to prevent the zipper from being washed to the final deformation), and the buttons are buttoned (put it in a laundry mesh bag) and then wash and dry. If the jeans are dirty, you can soak them for about 15 minutes, and then wash them with a powerful washing procedure.

9. When drying jeans, they must be hung flat from the waist (fixed and flattened with a clip, do not tighten), turn them over to dry, and air them in a dry and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure, which may cause serious oxidation, fading or hardening.

10 In order for your wearing effect to be more perfect, please iron with medium-temperature steam before wearing, and stack or hang it in a cool and ventilated place after washing when not wearing.